The Ultimate Newbie Guide for Marapets!

Welcome to the Ultimate Newbie Guide for Marapets, curated especially by Hallmark for MaraIsland! This guide has gone through multiple forms since it was originally expanded back in 2018 through my Marasite that's hosted on Marapets itself. Due to the growing depth and high speed rates that Marapets has reached, I thought it would only be fair to give my guide a complete overhaul and expand it to reach even further depths and information for all players. The Ultimate Newbie Guide (UNG) has been officially made for how much overwhelming content there can be on as a whole and we all need a place to start and kind of catch our footing in this huge virtual world we love!

If you happen to have any burning questions that have not been answered here, newer questions for more recent features or any other questions that have come up since reading the UNG, feel free to Maramail me or take a stroll through the designated Forum categories: Help & Assistance (and the sub-categories: Errors & Bugs and Game Help), New Players, and it's sub-category of Newbie Help.

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This will be a long guide, so it's highly suggested to use the Jumper Links below to ensure you get taken to the right section for all of your needs. If for any reason, anything needs corrected or there's misinformation spread among the guide in error, then please contact me via Maramail or Maratalk!

Last Updated: January 1st, 2023

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Introductions to Mara!


Hello and congratulations on being the newest citizen of Marada! Whether you were referred to this crazy world by a friend or family member, found us on a Top Pet's Site listing or just stumbled upon us by curiousity or accident? That's not a problem at all! This guide will ease all troubles and hopefully cure that overwhelming feeling that you're currently experiencing due to just joining. introduction to marapets! Marapets is an online virtual petsite that was created over fourteen years ago in 2004! It puts you in charge of taking care of a beautiful fantasy creature referred to as a Marapet. A Marapet needs to be taken care of almost daily as it needs to be regularly fed, given toys to play with and will need a drink every once in a while. Marapets are wildly adventurous and there's plenty of things to do with them as their owner other than just feeding them and playing with them. Some of the many things you can do with them are watching DVDs, listening to CDs, reading Books, teaching them to play Musical Instruments, teaching them Spells, giving them Weapons to go to Battle with and even increase their Gourmet Foods! I recommend for Newbies (New Players) to always start out with at least one or two pets until you familiarize yourself with how Marapets as a whole works, although you can own up to as many as thirteen pets! You will need to create one pet right out of the gate to fully be able to explore Marada in which you can choose one of 29 Non-Limited Edition pets to own! After you create your first pet, you can also sneak over to Undying Woods and check out the Pound to see if there's pet in there you'd like to adopt if you're more of a Savior. Keep in mind that Pets will only appear in the pound once another player has disowned one that they've created. You'll also need a main Marapet, which can be selected by going to the Marapets Homepage (clicking on the Marapets Logo on every page.) and then simply clicking on your pet's name. Once your main pet has been selected, it will be the first pet selected when using the Battle Arena and the Move Items feature. Your pet will not appear in certain features (such as Battling) if it's sick and you can always check on your Marapets by clicking on the Marapets Logo at any time!

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